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Ceilidh Crew 'n Co Weans offers musical storytelling shows for children, with the goal of bringing Scottish magic to life through traditional storytelling Ceilidhs. Our performances feature live music, original sing-along songs, hand-made puppets, and a burst of tartan, all designed to take you on an epic journey of discovery through the heart of Scotland.

Our show is versatile and can be adapted to tour various venues. Additionally, we provide workshops based on the performance, covering storytelling, traditional Scots language, and music.

Current Show

A Jaunt Roond Auld Reekie hlf logo.png

Aboot the show....

Auntie Bee and Bonnie Mcree  tak ye on an adventure roond Auld Reekie. Frae climbing up Arthurs Seat tae chuckin’ slops oot the windae, there’s mony a keckle tae be had alang the way. A braw-tastic time for the hale faimly wi’ original songs, puppetry, and instruments galore; it’s a jaunt that’s no tae be missed!

Keep an een oot fur oor next show!

Current Project

We are currently touring A Jaunt Roond Auld Reekie to Primary Schools around Edinburgh. The show is aimed at ages 5 - 8. We also provide workshops around the Scots language. 

Our 10 slots have now been filled but please get in touch if you would like to show interest in future opportunities or would like to find out more. 

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We would like to say a special thanks to National Lottery players for making this project possible.

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